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Fujifilm SeeLEARN  was created with the aim of making training courses available to the final user, which can be used at any time, in any place and completely independently of the availability of the teacher.

Thanks to this rapid and efficient learning system, users will be able to keep up to date and carry out a constant assessment of their knowledge.

The contents of the platform were created with a view to optimizing the time dedicated to training and maximizing learning.

By accessing this category it is possible to browse the educational offer of the Fujifilm Medicale division.

This grouping is divided into sub-categories: Medical Informatics, Medical Equipments (which includes Ultrasound and Mammography) and Endoscopy.

The available training covers technical, clinical, live sessions and events. Depending on the topic, recordings may also be available.

Medical Informatics

Since 1999, Synapse® has been transforming healthcare organisations with continuous innovation in diagnostic image management, advanced visualisation, enterprise imaging workflow and shared informatics architecture.

Thanks to our system, Fujifilm manage patient information and images, helps in following studies workflow and in diagnosis all over the World.

Merging Fujifilm legacy in image processing with cutting-edge AI innovation we are empowering Hospitals to reach their full potential through boundless collaboration.

Medical Equipments

Since pioneering the world's first digital X-ray system Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) in 1983, Fujifilm has continued to take care of technological innovations and continues to offer new solutions in the medical field.

Fujifilm's exclusive technology allows you to acquire high-quality images for more effective diagnosis, simple operation and patient comfort.

Thanks to the technologies implemented, it is also possible to guarantee the lowest possible radiation exposure, while maintaining high image quality.


FUJIFILM has always made available the best possible know-how and the most cutting-edge technologies to provide the clinical experts engaged in live-endoscopy activities with the latest technologies and expert specialist support.

Some of the most appreciated equipment included the innovative lighting technologies (ELUXEO™ - MultiLight™ Technology), the advanced operational endoscopy devices (ELEVIEW™, TOP HOODS, SHORT TYPE HOODS, FlushKninfe Slim BTs - Ns and ClutchCutter) and the new duodenoscope with removable, single-use end cap and G-Lock guidewire securing system.

Fujifilm has created this important combination of the instrumentation that generates the diagnostic images and the software solutions used to record, display and report them, thus offering considerable support to doctors for the benefit of patients and their care.

By integrating endoscopy columns with information technology, geographical boundaries can be transcended, allowing Clinical Facilities to make images available wherever the referring physician is present, regardless of where they were produced.

Fujifilm Sistemi Medicali Elearning HUB - Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics    17 courses

Fujifilm Sistemi Medicali Elearning HUB - Medical Equipments
Medical Equipments    6 courses

Fujifilm Sistemi Medicali Elearning HUB - Endpscopy
Endoscopy    6 courses