In this category you will find all the educational offers of Fujifilm Medical Informatics.
PACS    5 corsi

SYNAPSE PACS, the cornerstone of the SYNAPSE integrated solution portfolio, offers a web-based user interface delivering very fast image displays to the desktop. Discover how to open studies, manipulate images and use administrator tools. Every user will find the training according to the associated arguments.
Fujifilm Sistemi Medicali Elearning HUB - Medical Informatics
RIS    4 corsi

Synapse Workflow is the FUJIFILM solution that allows any Medical Institution to manage all the workflow related with their Imaging Department. Discover how to register a patient, execute and collect information, create a report, archive or provide documents. Every user will find the training according to the associated arguments.
3D    3 corsi

Synapse 3D is Fujifilm's software for advanced processing and analysis of the medical imaging: it is a state of the art system which provides powerful and complete tools not only for Radiological and Cardiological Departments, but also supports the Clinical and Surgical workflow.
Dose    2 corsi

Dose SYNAPSE SYNCRO DOSE is the Radiation Dose Index Monitoring system developed by Fujifilm, compliant with the Directive 2013/59 / EURATOM of the European Union. Syncro-Dose is a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure across different imaging modalities.
Fujifilm Sistemi Medicali Elearning HUB - Medical Informatics
Cardiovascular    2 corsi

Developed with direction from cardiologists, Synapse Cardiovascular offers capabilities and tools that help streamline workflow, image review, and reporting for a variety of cardiac areas. Discover how to Enhance cath lab productivity, use advanced image evaluation tools, manage workflows for both standard and stress ECG and take hundreds of measurements
Second Opinion    1 corso

Second Opinion is an additional Synapse PACS module that allows you to track the request / response within the teleconsultation process. Find out how to create a request, take charge of it, create an answer and archive it. Each user will find training based on the associated topics.