CADEYE is a function developed to support physicians during colonoscopy utilising AI technology. CADEYE is available in both colonic polyp Detection Mode and colonic polyp Characterization Mode.
Fujifilm Multi Light
Multi Light™

Fujifilm's unique Multi Light™ technology illumination system provides optimal illumination using variable LED light intensity for highest standards in brightness and contrast.

LCI Increased contrast in red colour leads to improved detection of inflammation and accurate delineation. It is also a useful tool to support colonic lesions detection.

BLI The combination of special light wavelengths results in improved and accurate contrast imaging. It is also a useful tool to support colonic lesions characterization.
Fujifilm Multi Zoom

Easy-to-control optical magnification up to 135x in stepwise or continuous magnification modes. The combination of optical magnification and chromoendoscopy can support in increasing accuracy of diagnosis
ColoAssist ADJUST

Fujifilm’s renowned ColoAssist has been optimised for the 700 series colonoscopes and now includes the Flexibility Adjuster for easier insertion in addition to Advanced Force Transmission and Adaptive Bending